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Meet Christina

“My secret formulas combine art and science to instantly transform the way you look and feel, with zero surgery!”

As a Master Medical Aesthetician, Permanent Makeup Artist, and World Champion Bikini Class Body Builder, I understand how genetics and lifestyle can determine how graceful or ungraceful our skin and body can age.  Combining my makeup artistry, wellness and skincare experience, I founded Vitality to help others live their most confident life by offering scientifically proven self care treatments designed to deliver instant results. 

I first found my skin fixing purpose after my own frustrating experiencing of having acne as a kid.  Following the doctors orders in using prescription creams that just made my skin dry and itchy, I was on a mission to clear my skin on my own.  I decided to become this little Beauty Mad Scientist who worked tirelessly in her Beauty lab (aka bathroom sink).  I began experimenting with skin peels and masks, make-up tricks (to cover my zits and draw attention away from my bad skin), and a natural diet to improve my skin from the inside out.   

Earning my self proclaimed title of  Beauty Mad Scientist and Vanish Queen, it is my mission to continue to share my science based formulas and own personal transformations with YOU.  ♥

Since 2005, Vitality has continued to grow and stay current with the latest, most cutting edge treatments in wrinkle reduction, acne & rosacea clearing, laser hair & tattoo removal, permanent makeup and cellulite reduction.  

Christina’s passion for skincare and makeup has awarded her as being the first licensed professional in the town of Wilmington, MA to perform Microblading and Permanent Makeup.

In 2015, Christina earned her Bikini Class Pro Title in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation to compliment her advanced certifications in Body Sculpting and Cellulite Reduction.

Christina holds Master Level Certifications in:

  • Face Reality Acne Peels
  • IPL Photo Skin Rejuvenation
  • MyoLift Facial Toning
  • BB Glow Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
  • ProCell MicroChanneling
  • Permanent Hair Reduction
  • Skin Camouflage & Stretch Mark Repair
  • Cellulite Reduction & Body Contouring
  • Eyebrow MicroBlading & NanoBlading/Shading
  • Li-ft Saline Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Removal
  • Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening, Tag and Spot Removal
  • KinesioTaping
  • Cold Plasma Skin Tightening
  • NanoMeso Therapy 
  • CO2 Carboxy Therapy
  • Hair Fill by ProCell
  • PDO Liquid Threads
  • Hyaluron Pen HA Fillers
  • Baby Botoks
  • AmeriCryo SubZero Therapy
  • CryoSculpting

The best way to learn more on how Christina can help you look and feel “forever young”  is to BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION.  Your confidence will soar when you take the time to learn, grow and recognize not only the way you look at yourself, but how you present yourself to others.  LIVE WITH EXPRESSION, JOY AND VITALITY!