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Christina Oliva

Reserve your “Getting to Know You” consultation and meet your Beauty Mad Scientist and Master Aesthetic Artist, Christina Oliva. Known for her natural and subtle approach to beauty enhancements and with over 20 years of spa and wellness experience, she offers a kaleidoscope of skin rejuvenation treatments, permanent make-up design, body sculpting and hair removal services that will deliver results that are unlike anything else you have experienced before.

Christina first found her confidence boosting purpose at an early age as she began recognizing herself as the next Miss Teen Wolf.  Experiencing acne breakouts and noticing darker unwanted hair on her face and body, she frantically started researching the beauty industry.

Feeling shy and unattractive, Christina worked tirelessly in her Mad Science Beauty lab (aka bedroom).  She began experimenting with bleach, wax, make-up, and any skin care tip she could find in every magazine she could subscribe to.  One day, as she was sitting at her vanity in her “beauty lab”, she saw her reflection peek through all the magazine tear outs along the edges of the mirror and she felt this unfamiliar superpower come over her. She noticed a transformation in the way she felt.  She felt ALIVE! 

It was that Vitalizing feeling that lead her to keep learning, experimenting and sharing methods that worked in her own transformation to others.   So, she enrolled at The School of Spa Sciences to obtain her professional training and licensure.

Since 2004, Christina has had a successful and fulfilling aesthetics career. From managing two Medspa’s to opening her own practice, Christina has an entrepreneurial spirit with endless drive. Staying current with the latest treatments has held her position at the cutting edge of aesthetics, building trust and loyalty from her clients year after year. 

Christina’s passion for aesthetics has awarded her as being the first licensed professional in the town of Wilmington, MA to perform microblading and permanent makeup as well as paramedical procedures such as scalp micropigmentation and 3D pigmented areola restoration for post mastectomy patients. She has advanced certifications in body contouring, microdermabrasion, IPL photofacial rejuvenation, fibroblast non-surgical face lifting procedures, radio frequency, microcurrent facial toning, collagen induction therapy (PRP) microneedling procedures, BB Glow and Botox facials. She also has advanced training in needle-less hyaluronic face and lip fillers as well as safe removal of skin tags, pigmented lesions and hair removal.


The best way to learn more on how Christina’s skills and expertise can help transform your self-image is through a “Getting to Know You Consultation”. Your confidence will soar when you take the time to learn, grow and recognize not only the way you look at yourself, but how you present yourself to others. Call Vitality today to reserve your consultation with your Beauty Mad Scientist and start feeling your superpowers come ALIVE!

My Place or Yours?

Christina also makes house calls! Stuck home with the kids? Car in the shop? Looking to have a girls night in party?

Whatever the reason you can’t visit Vitality’s starship location (minutes off exit 40/ Rte 93), Christina carry’s a mobile license that allows her to offer services ANYWHERE in Massachusetts.

Appointment Hours:

Tuesday~Wednesday~Thursday: 11a-7p
Friday & Saturday: 11a-3p
Sunday & Monday: Closed