4D Lipo Cavitation

A non-surgical fat reduction treatment encompassing 4 different methods not only designed to successfully remove targeted fat cell accumulation, but will also experience cell turnover, collagen production and firmer muscle tissue.

Best for small targeted areas such as the stomach, thighs, arms, hips, buttocks and under chin.

This treatment uses a combination of:

~ Ultrasonic Cavitation: Through sound wave technology, tiny bubbles of oxygen expand and “pop” fat cells leaving them destroyed and dispersed throughout the body.

~ Radio Frequency:  Cleans up the content left in the body from ultrasonic cavitation by increasing the body temperature causing capillary dilation to enable faster, more efficient blood circulation. 

~ Vacuum Lipo/ Butt Lift:  Cupping suction therapy that  strengthens muscles and breaks down the layers of cellulite and fat.  

~ Laser Lipo:  Fat is melted into a liquid that can be drained through the lymphatic system while tightening the skin to reduce sagging.   

TIP:  Kabelline fat dissolving serum aids in the appearance of cellulite and fat.  This is a great addition to add to your 4D Lipo treatment.  It will add additional benefits through infusion into the body and would be applied after Laser Lipo.

Stretch Mark Repair

Rock that two-piece this year because your stretch mark solution is finally here!  Skin toned ink pigments along with skin rejuvenating micro needling can significantly disguise and conceal the appearance of stretch marks and scars by treating the areas that are missing color.