Brighten under-eyes, cover spider veins, and even variations in skin tone due to scarring, stretch marks and hypo-pigmentation. 


Stop the daily hassle of penciling in uneven, light or sparse eyebrows and invest with a more permanent solution with MicroBlading, NanoStrokes and/or Shading.

Lip Blush

Turn that frown upside down! Redefine faded lip lines and uneven lip color with a fuller pout that lasts longer than fillers!


Draw the Line – Perfect every time! Give your eyes a lift or just a lash enhancement
custom-eye-zed to your desired thickness, wing or wedged edge.

How Permanent is Permanent Makeup? Depending on skincare factors such as age, hydration, sun exposure and smoking, your permanent makeup procedure can last up to 3-5 years with yearly touch-ups to keep it looking fresh.

Will It Change Color?
Although the pigments will not appear as bold as they did immediately after the procedure,  today’s improved Micro-pigments are meant to fade evenly over time eliminating the look of red, blue or grey undertones.

What is the difference between MicroBlading and NanoShading?
Although BOTH procedures can give the appearance of natural looking brow strokes.  Microblading is less permanent since it uses a scratching method to implant pigment just under the skin’s surface.  Nanobrows is a gentler tattooing technique that stays truer in color and shape retention over time.

What areas can I get Permanent Makeup? With the broad range of micro-pigment colors available, permanent makeup can be applied pretty much anywhere on the face or body! It’s a great camouflage procedure to brighten dark circles under the eyes and cover spider veins on the face and legs. It can also be used for hypo pigmented areas caused from surgical scars, stretch marks, sun damage or vitiligo.

What if I don’t like it?
Pigments will appear rich in color during the initial procedure.  Don’t panic!  Softening of the pigment will occur naturally over the next few weeks.  Any reshaping or further color implantation will be performed during your 4-6 week touch-up appointment.  If you are still not happy with the end result, we can discuss safe and effective removal options to bring your skin back to its natural color.