Body Sculpting in Wilmington | Vitality MedSpa

9 Week Body Sculpting & Weight Loss Program

Vitality ~ MedSpa is the most convenient and trustworthy spot for non-surgical fat reduction North of Boston.  These customized FDA-approved Body Sculpting treatments target fat on areas such as:

  • Thighs, abdomen, flanks
  • Chin, jawline, bra-area
  • Back fat, buttocks & upper arms

Why detoxifying your body is the most important first step to any weight loss program with a 98% success rate! 

Reserve your FREE Consultation to learn more on how you can start seeing your body transform in just 9 weeks! 

SubZero Cryo Sculpting

No Suction, No Swelling, No Bruising! This customizable treatment differs from traditional CoolSculpting and similar types of cryolipolysis treatments because of its versatility of not having to fit inside a pre-determined cup size.  

CryoSculpting 360°

Using a 360 degree thermal contrast paddle combines hot and cold temperatures to target more fat cells per treatment area boosting efficacy, with up to 28% fat reduction in 1 session!

3 sessions spaced every 4 weeks are recommended for ideal results. 

EMSlim Neo

Tighten and tone muscles using the most advanced EMSlim technology.  Muscle contractions equating to 20,000 sit-ups in a 30 minute session target areas of the body to liquefy excess bulgy areas of fat.  

6 Unique Facts about EMSlim

1. EMSlim Burns Fat AND Builds Muscle At the Same Time
2. Fat Reduction and Muscle Toning Seen in 3-4 Weeks
3. Painless, Safe and Has Zero Side Effects
4. Equivalent of 20,000 Crunches, Squats or Kegels
5. No Post-Treatment Planning or Prep
6. The First and Only Non-Invasive Butt Lift