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Infra Red Light Sauna

Enter Into The World of Infra-Red Light Sauna Therapy Treatments!

Infrared heat waves in a sauna penetrate into the body and promote healthy functioning of skin, digestion, metabolism, circulation, and detoxification.

Adding Red Light to an infrared sauna session can help you deepen your health benefits on a cellular level, such as increasing collagen and elastin production in skin cells, respiratory relief, pain alleviation, accelerated weight loss, speeding up the wound healing process, reducing inflammation, and providing numerous anti-aging benefits. 

By combining these top two therapies in your wellness routine, you allow multiple levels of your body to heal and rejuvenate with improved skin conditions, enhanced mood and boosted immune system health. 

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9D Breathwork

9D Breathwork is a multi-dimensional soundscape experience that carefully approaches wellness and healing through a transformative journey, unlocking a state of profound relaxation and clarity.
It incorporates a blend of binaural brain entrainment, isochronic brainwave tones, solfeggio frequencies, 432Hz harmonic tuning, somatic Breathwork, subliminal hypnotic therapy, guided coaching, and bioacoustic sound effects.
Unlike conventional stress relief techniques, Breathwork facilitates a powerful and immediate transformation, providing a tangible oasis of peace amongst everyday life.  The effects of lasting well-being, makes 9D Breathwork an indispensable tool in the modern quest for health and happiness.

Oxygen Therapy

90% of your energy comes from oxygen.  If your energy levels are low, or you are experiencing headaches, mood swings or trouble concentrating, then a quick 15 minute personal oxygen therapy session may help reduce these symptoms while improving overall Vitality.

Adding pure essential oils to pure oxygen therapy can help promote harmony by creating tranquility, clarity and focus.

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions can benefit both the beginner and the advancing yogi.  

Personalized attention allows fine tuning of postures, props and modifications as needed to ensure safety and efficacy while helping to advance your practice. 

A quiet, individual class can allow those who may feel self-conscious about being watched or worried about not keeping up in a group setting so your yoga practice can be calm, relaxing, and meditative.

In addition to traditional yoga poses, your private yoga class may include breathing exercises, meditation, and gentle stretching.  

Private group classes are perfect for friends/family with common yoga goals, or special celebrations.

Oncology Facial

If you are newly diagnosed or a cancer survivor, this facial will help you to relax your mind, body, and spirit while maintaining the health and balance of your skin. 

Skin can drastically change during cancer treatments and lack of proper nutrients, blood flow and hydration, leaves the skin dry and sensitive. An oncology facial is designed to restore and maintain healthy, glowing skin as well as provide a lasting feeling of overall well being as stress and anxiety are reduced.

Our certified oncology esthetician, Stacey, will pamper you and restore your skin with the safest and most natural products to help create visible confidence boosting results. 

24K Gemstone Facial

This 24K Gemstone facial not only gives you illuminating visible results but helps to Balance your Body, Quiet the anxious Mind and Soothe your Soul.

Reiki charged Crystals and Gemstones are intentionally placed along your face and body bringing harmony to the chakras while releasing inflammation and restoring Collagen.

24k gold rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are dissolved into the skin, adding incredibly benefits to the skin, promoting a more youthful glow. *Extractions not included.

Kansa Facial


This Ayurvedic skincare ritual incorporates pressure points, select dosha oil, and distinct movements of the kansa wand to enhance overall health, circulation and radiance of your skin.

The Kansa Wand is an ancient Ayurvedic skincare tool that activates the marma points in your body where a concentration of life energy exists. Marma points are said to contain the three doshas:

  • Vata (air and space) – best for dry &/or aging skin

  • Kapha (earth and water) – best for oily skin

  • Pitta (fire and water) – best for sensitive skin

These doshas are believed to be linked to your physical and emotional well-being and by stimulation of the marma points can improve your physical and mental health.